Imaging Spectroscopy Flight Campaigns
Flight Campaigns - Aim

Imaging spectroscopy – (IS) is becoming a major remote sensing technique, not only internationally spoken but also in the frame of the Belgian technology and application developments. Imaging spectroscopy makes it possible to measure spectral information through the reflected solar spectrum, thus enabling the support of several application fields.

In a joint effort to develop Imaging Spectroscopy expertise, to foster the use of IS data in Belgian remote sensing and to prepare the Belgian research community for the advent of APEX (, VITO and the Belgian Science Policy Office have organized since 2002, a yearly flight campaign with diverse airborne hyperspectral imagers and imaging spectrometers.

To support the researchers with the processing and analysis of the acquired data cubes, VITO manages a pool of field equipment and provides training and support for the researchers participating in the flight campaigns.

Belgian Science Policy

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